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PhD projects

  • Donya Madjdian – Girls’ transition to adulthood in Nepal
  • Kwalu Dede – Breastfeeding patterns in Tanzania
  • Yohanes Kunto – Childhood conditions and well-being in young adulthood in Indonesia
  • Tim Riswick – Siblings and child mortality chances in Taiwan
  • Paul Rotering – Family influences on fertility in the 19th century
  • Yuliya Hilevych – Strong families and declining fertility in Ukraine
    Yuliya Hilevych (2016), Strong families and declining fertility. A comparative study of family relations and reproductive careers in Soviet Ukraine. Wageningen: Wageningen University.
    PhD project (finished; september 2011-May 2016)

  • Bastian Mönkediek – Family systems and fertility in Europe
    Bastian Mönkediek (2016), Family Systems and Fertility. Fertility Behaviour in Europe from a Network Perspective.
    PhD project (finished; October 2011- October 2015)