• separating-the-grain-in-Burkino-Faso
  • African-woman-carrying-her-son-on-back-Ghana
  • kinderen-met-voedsel-op-hoofd
  • Madagascar-boy-with-food
  • hand-met-rijst
  • African-children-in-school-in-Kenya
  • moeder-en-kind-op-markt
  • African-children-jumping
  • eating-watermelon
  • People-buying-food-from-the-mobile-shop-on-the-market-in-Khao-Lak-Thailand
  • A-family-of-farmers-Laos
  • in-de-supermarkt
  • boy-from-poorer-area-working-in-the-kitchen-Nepal
  • kinderen-op-school
  • street-vendor-in-historic-center-of-Nepal
  • familie-eten


Hilde BrasHilde Bras (1968) is professor of Sociology of Consumption and Households at Wageningen University. Her research interests are in the field of (historical) demography, family sociology, life course sociology, and social inequality. She earned a Master's degree (hons) in American Studies (1993) from the University of Groningen and a PhD in Sociology (2002) from Utrecht University. Bras has published on long-term family change, marriage, fertility, migration, social mobility, and inter- and intra-household inequalities in a.o. Demography, Population Studies, Demographic Research and Continuity and Change. She just concluded her VIDI-project "The Power of the Family. Family Influences on Long-Term Fertility Decline in Europe, 1850-2010" (2011-2016). Her current research investigates gender dynamics, fertility and child health in low and middle income countries. Bras is member of the Social Sciences Council (SWR) of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and serves as a member of the Executive Board of the Social Science History Association.

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